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SNES vs. Genesis: Vectorman 1 and 2

Vectorman 1 and 2

These two run-and-gun platform action games, were developed by Blue Sky Software and published by Sega for the Genesis in October 1995 and November 1996, respectively. Vectorman must fight his way through numerous levels in his quest to stop an evil robot from using the Earth as a weapon against human who are returning from space following a program to use robots to clean up the Earth in their absence. His main weapon is a single-shot gun that shoots orbs of energy, although there are several powerups available. He can also change his form to which are used to battle the various bosses; this was changed in Vectorman 2 to allow the transformations to be used throughout the entire level except for the boss battles. The graphics have a crisp, prerendered look to them and everything animated very fluidly, especially Vectorman himself. The gameplay moves at a decent speed and most of the levels are fairly complex in their layout. This does lead to one problem, however, in that sometime it can be a bit difficult to determine exactly where you’re going, which slows the game down considerably as you backtrack and look for the right direction you’re supposed to go. It’s not a terrible problem, but it does exist. Another issue is that the game is very difficult and, at times unforgiving. Vectorman has a life guage and some enemies do drop extra health, but death sends Vectorman back to the first of the level or the last checkpoint [the first game seems to have less checkpoints than the sequel]. The first game is probably the harder of the two, so keep that in mind. Overall, they’re two fun games that have a few issues to be aware of, but don’t let them stop you from checking them out.


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