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Arcades: Gunforce 2 and Dungeons & Dragons

Gunforce 2

This run-and-gun Arcade game was developed and published by Irem. The team who created eventually left Irem and formed Nazca, the company responsible for developing Metal Slug for SNK. It certainly bears the hallmarks of that later series in fast-paced, explosions-everywhere gameplay, although I think Gunforce 2 actually took the concept much farther than any of the Metal Slug games ever did. The character in Gunforce 2 has two weapons that can fired in different directions and features explosions and debris that can literally cover the entire screen and this is usually what happens all the time. There are hordes of enemies coming at you constantly as well. This is a really fun game, one of the best I’ve played from the genre, and it looks amazing.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara

These two arcade games, developed and published by Capcom in 1993 and 1996, respectively, are beat ’em up with an emphasis on fast-paced action and some RPG elements. There are a wide range of attacks and magical spells that can be used against the various enemies and bosses that you’ll face. It’s also possible to change your characters weapon and use ranged weapons, like throwing knives and bows. Shadow of Mystara also has several special attacks which are activated through a set of button presses as with Capcom’s Street Fighter series. In between levels, the players visit villages where gold and silver collect on the battlefield can be used to by items and weapons. Both of the games have really good graphics and music. Overall, they’re just really fun, fast-paced games.


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