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SNES vs. Genesis: EVO, Wild Guns and Magic Sword

E.V.O. : The Search for Eden

Developed by Almanic and published by Enix for the SNES in December 1992, EVO is an action game with RPG elements that follows the evolution of your fishy creature from the sea to the land. By eating other animals you gain evolution points that you can use to upgrade the various parts of your body to defeat even more powerful creatures and gain access to new areas. It’s not a difficult game, since there are unlimited continues [you just lose half of your evolution points when you die], and it’s a pretty fun game too. The graphics are pretty good, but there’s quite a bit of slowdown when a lot of other creatures appear on screen, so that can be a bit annoying. Overall, it’s a really fun, unique game and an excellent addition to the SNES’s lineup.

Wild Guns

Developed and published by Natsume for the SNES in August 1994, Wild Guns is a third-person action game set in world that is a mixture of the old West and science fiction. The view is set behind the back of the player character and the action takes place in the area immediately in front of the player character, a bit like a shooting gallery. The d-pad controls the characters and the aiming reticule, while shooting the player character stands still. To avoid incoming shots, the player can jump up in the air or dive to one side. It’s a pretty fast paced game and a really fun one. Some of the bosses are normal-sized enemies, while others take up nearly half of the screen. Both the music and the graphics are really good, this one’s a definite top-tier action game.

Magic Sword

Originally an arcade titles, this Capcom developed/publishes action game was released on the SNES in 1992. The game is a sidescroller that’s very straight-forward in its level design, there’s really not anything here that’s going to surprise you and make you think. Having said that, it’s still surprisingly fun. It’s got a nice fast pace and lots of enemies to cut your way through, while not being overly difficult. Along the way to the top of a tower filled with monster, you’ll find a variety of keys [which open door leading to higher levels or free imprisoned warriors who will go with you in your quest] and different weapons and armor. The graphics and music are okay, nothing particularly special here, but it gets the job done. Overall, it’s a game that I expected not to like that much based on some screenshots, but found to actually be quite a fun time-waster.


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