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SNES vs. Genesis: Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Alchahest

Super Ghouls ‘n Ghost

Developed and published by Capcom in October 1991 for the SNES. SGnG is side-scrolling action game where a knight named Arthur fights through the hordes of the damned to rescue his beloved Prin Prin. The graphics are pretty and so is the music, but the game itself is hard and very unforgiving. You can get hit twice [the first hit knocks off all your armor] and each time you die you have to start over at the beginning of the level, you’ve got three lives in total before the Game Over screen hits. The game plays a bit more slowly than other sidescrolling actions games and, although Arthur has a double jump, he’s none to sprightly. Once you’ve begun jumping in one direction, you can’t change directions except right as you make the second jump. So no mid-air corrections after the second jump to keep from running headlong into a zombie or other menacing monster. Arthur’s main weapon is a lance that he throws. Well, it’s hard to call SGnG a fun game, due to its cranked up difficulty, but it’s worth playing if you’ve got the patience to stick with it.


This SNES title developed by Hal Laboratories [the team behind the Kirby series and the Super Smash Bros. series] and released by Square in Japan in December 1993, is an action game with minor RPG elements. It’s a bit like Diablo, in that you are constantly fighting swarms of monsters [they constantly respawn of screen] and it’s even got a isometric view reminiscent of that other series. However, there’s not much in the way of loot, although you can acquire new weapons and other items at times, and leveling up takes a very long time. Aside from fighting swarms of enemies, you must also navigate through various dungeons which have differing environmental effects, such as one area that’s dark [you need a torch to see] and another area that’s filled with toxic gas [you need an item to keep from suffocating]. In this way, it adds some depth to the gameplay. You can also pick up various companions along the way who have their own unique attacks. The graphics and music are both really well-done and the game features some nice boss battles to break the monotony of the hordes of easier enemies. Although only released in Japan, a translation exists online.


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