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SNES vs. Genesis: Rolling Thunder and ESWAT

Rolling Thunder 2 and 3

Both developed and published by Namco for the Genesis in November 1991 and May 1993, respectively. Both of these titles feature you as an Interpol agent tracking down and killing members of an organization known as Gedra. As interesting as it sounds, the gameplay is very slow and the player character can only shoot on shot at a time with his main weapon and has a limited number of shots. The graphics in RT2 are very dated, RT3 has better graphics but they’re still nothing all that great. The same goes for the music. Overall, they both feel way to slow to be fun and just don’t offer much to overcome that feeling, although RT3 does introduce a few vehicle stages and selectable special weapons at the start of each mission.


Developed and published by Sega for the Genesis in June 1990. ESWAT is a sidescrolling run-and-gun action game set in the near future. Plays similarly to the Rolling Thunder titles, although with a somewhat faster pace and unlimited ammo. The graphics are a tad better than Rolling Thunder 2, but doesn’t really anything particularly great. However, it does feature a powered suit later in the game that gives you more powerful weapons and limited flight capabilities. Even so, it’s just not all that interesting.


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