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SNES vs. Genesis: Popful Mail

Popful Mail

Originally developed in 1991 by Falcom for the NEC computer, Popful Mail was eventually given an overhaul and ported to the Sega CD in 1994 by Sega-Falcom and then published in the US by Working Designs. The titular Popful Mail is bounty hunter tasked with tracking down various baddies in the forest outside of a peaceful village. She is aided by Tatt, a sorcerer’s apprentice, and Gaw a purple bat-like creature. Thanks to the Sega CD’s extra power and increased storage space, the game has a vibrant look and all of the cutscenes have voice acting. It’s not the best voice acting ever, but it does add a bit to the experience. The music is pretty good as well. The action is spread across a number of large levels filled with various creatures and monsters that want to prevent you from getting to the end. Popful’s main weapon is a sword, although she can acquire several others throughout the course of the game.  At one point, the Sega CD port was going to be called Sonic Sisters and feature characters from Sonic the Hedgehog in the main roles, but the outcry from Popful Mail fans curtailed this idea. Popful Mail is a very fun game with a quick pace and not much to interrupt the action but some dialog and cutscenes inserted here and there. It’s relative difficulty is negated by a save-anywhere system, which is much appreciated.

There’s also a SNES version that was developed in 1994 by Falcom, independently of the overhauled port on the Sega CD. It mixed up the levels and even added a few segments to the game, such as a town where Popful begins her journey from. It was only ever released in Japan and no translation exists.


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