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SNES vs. Genesis: General Chaos and Mercs

General Chaos

Developed by Game Refused and published by Electronic Arts for the Genesis in 1994. Unlike many of the other games talked about so far, General Chaos has more of a strategy bent to it. You have a squad of soldiers and you face off against other enemy soldiers. Actions are handled through a series of various orders that you can give your troops, although you can take more direct control by sending out a two-man commando unit against the enemy. The main problem is that the game is kind of slow, both your troops and the enemy troops have a high amount of health, which mean long, drawn out battles as you reposition your troops to either press your advantage or to counteract enemy troop movements. It doesn’t really particularly well either, seeming to run at a clunky framerate, which only exacerbates the slowness issue. There’s nothing really special here in the graphics or music department either. The game is not without it’s value, but seems a bit pointless compared to other, superior tactical action games from the same period like Battle Bugs or Cannon Fodder.


Mercs is another top-down run-and-gun action game, developed and published by Capcom for the Genesis in September 1991. The problem I have with this game is that the player characters moves fairly slowly, meaning that it’s often difficult to keep enemies from running directly into you and causing damager or to avoid enemy fire. Beyond that, it’s just an okay shooter, nothing really special, same goes for the graphics and music. It can be fun, but the slow movement speed makes it frustrating to play for an extended period of time.


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  1. Note that the MD port of Mercs has a second quest of sorts (Original Mode) in which you can recruit allies and level them up, increasing speed and attack power. The level designs are also different. Liking these posts so far.

    Comment by Alex | May 20, 2010 | Reply

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