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SNES vs. Genesis: Demon’s Crest and King of Demons

Demon’s Crest

In a departure from the norm, the star of this game that Capcom developed/published in 1994 for the SNES, is actually a evil demon named Firebrand who appeared previously in the Ghost n’ Ghouls series. The world that he inhabits in one filled with demons and which, at one point, used to be home to humans as well. As with the Ghost ‘n Ghouls series, Demon’s Crest is a platformer and features lots of sidescrolling action, but it has some features of its own that make it noteworthy. One aspect that sets it apart is the crest system, wherein you find different crests throughout the various levels of the game which allow you to transform into other types of demons each with their own particular skills. The regular mode that Firebrand starts in is a demon who can hover in the air [and fly left and right], a fireball attack, and an attack that can break statues and other things in the background. Another form has a rush attack and has great speed. Another feature that I really like is a mode-7 overworld that Firebrand can travel across, going to various dungeons and even some towns where you can talk to other creatures and look for items and other pickups. Also of note are the graphics, which look quite good for the SNES. The levels in the game can be replayed as many times as you want and this is often necessary to discover hidden areas accessible only with certain crests.

King of Demons

This run-and-gun action title developed by KSS and released on the SNES in August 1995 is certainly an interesting one. You are put in control of a man named Abel who is looking for his wife and daughter who were kidnapped by a demon to be used to resurrect the king of demons. Like most games in the genre, the character moves from one side of the level to the other shooting a variety of baddies and stopping from time to time to face off against a boss, this game is no different in that respect, but it’s the mixture of scifi and horror that make this a game to check out. The monsters and the things you see in the various levels are pretty gruesome, with great mounds of pulsing flesh or tortured souls left dangling in the wind. Every monster you kill explodes in a shower of blood. It’s a bit slowly paced compared to other games in the genre, but it’s still a fun game though I suppose that will depend on your threshold for gore. The game was only ever released in Japan, but an English translation exists online.


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