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SNES vs. Genesis: Super Star Wars

In the early 90’s, LucasArts teamed up with Utah developer Sculpture Software to recreate the Star Wars Trilogy as a series of games for the SNES. Each installment in the series is an action game with a heavy emphasis on run-and-gun gameplay [although sometimes you’ll be using a lightsaber instead of a gun] and fast-paced alien killing. There are also basic cutscenes which recreate scenes from the movie, although they’ve been altered slightly in keeping with the game’s focus on action, midi recreations of each movie’s most famous songs, and Mode 7 levels where you control various speederbikes, ships, and landspeeders. They’re also fairly hard, and unforgiving, and each includes a password save system. Unlike some games of this type, most enemies drop extra health to keep your health bar from running out, a feature which allows the game to throw many more enemies at you, both from the ground and the air, than it might normally. Some levels also allow you to select which character you want to play as and each level features some monster or character from the game for you to fight against.

Super Star Wars

Released June 1992 by JVC, and then later rereleased by Nintendo

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Released June 1993 by JVC, and then later rereleased by THQ.

Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Released June 1994 by JVC, and then later rereleased by THQ.

All three are fun games that move at a fast pace, but do suffer a bit from high difficult. There are better run-and-gun action games out there, but for fans of Star Wars these are three games that shouldn’t be missed.


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