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SNES vs. Genesis: Rise From Your Grave!

Altered Beast

Developed by Sega in 1988 and then subsequently released on nearly every system and PC platform currently on the market. It’s even made its way to the Dreamcast, PS2, PSP, Xbox360, and PS3 as part of an anthology of Sega games. The action takes place across a 2D plane where various monsters came at you from the ground and the sky. You can collect powerups that make your attacks more powerful and, if you collect enough, your character turns into one of several powerful monsters such as a werewolf or a a dragon. The action moves at a steady pace, as the viewing area moves automatically. It’s mildly fun game, but very archaic due to its age. The graphics have aged poorly and their simply isn’t much to keep an avid gamer interested for more than ten or fifteen minutes except nostalgia.

Gauntlet IV

This dungeon-crawler, developed by Atari and published under the Tengen label for the Genesis in 1993, lets you choose from one of four characters classes and then venture into a near-endless dungeon filled with all sorts of monsters. It’s also a mutiplayer titles, with each player picking one of the four classes. It’s got a top-down perspective and attacks are either ranged or melee, depending on whether you press the button to attack or merely walk up to a monster and keep walking towards it. There are potions and keys to be found, along with food, which is used to increase health, and treasure chests which increase your score. The graphics and music aren’t really much to write home about, except that the game allows dozens of monsters onscreen with minimal slowdown. Having said all that, there’s nothing to this game. There’s no story or characters or cutscenes or missions whatsoever, it’s all about fighting monsters in a dungeon. Personally, I’m not too big on it, it just feels too shallow and too archaic.


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