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SNES vs. Genesis: Alisia Dragoon and James Bond 007 – The Duel

Alisia Dragoon

An action game developed by Game Arts and Gainax and published by Sega outside of Japan, this little game released in 1992 has a few interesting thing about it. For one thing the main character is a female and fight all of her battles on her own without the help of any male characters. She does have a series of companions in the form of guardian beasts that have differing abilities. As Alisia you must fight through a series of levels against a variety of enemies that want to prevent you from stopping the evil Baldour’sĀ ambitions. The story’s pretty short and sweet, for the most part you’re just zapping everything in sight with your auto-aiming lightning attack. It doesn’t take long to realize there’s not a lot of variety here, just different levels and slightly different enemies. It’s kind of fun, but nothing really all that special.

James Bond 007: The Duel

Developed by Domark and released in May 1993, this was the last game to feature Timothy Dalton as James Bond, three years after his last Bond movie. While not based on any of the movies, it features movie villains such as Jaws and Oddjob. Unlike some run-and-gun action games, The Duel has a heavy emphasis on platforming and exploring large, open levels. Your primary mission is to find hostages that are scattered throughout the level, then you’ll be given an additional mission to complete. Bond can shoot left and right, and up and down at an angle while standing still and also has some grenades at his disposal. As from the Bond theme, the music was made specifically for the game and sound pretty good. The graphics are likewise well-done, looking a bit like Flashback, although not quite as detailed. The thing about The Duel is that it’s really hard. Just getting past the first level will take several game overs before you figure out enemies patterns and the routes you need to take to find all the hostages and the bomb. The platforming aspect can be a bit unforgiving as well, often leading to an untimely death. If you’ve got the patience, The Duel is actually a pretty cool game.


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