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SNES vs. Genesis: A Pocketful of Mega Men

The SNES actually had a grand total of FIVE Mega Man games. Most of them follow the same basic formula of run through various levels until you get to the end where you have to fight a boss. For the most part, shooting can be done left or right, but not up or down or anything other direction. There are some powerups to be found, such as health upgrades, a powered up shot, and dash ability. All five of the SNES games look really good and have decent music.

Mega Man VII

Sequel to the NES’s Mega Man VI, picks up the story where the first left off. Dr. Wily has finally been captured, but he’s got a plan to escape. With the aid of four new robots, he does just that and Mega Man is forced to go after him with the help of his trusty robot mutt Rush to stop his robots and bring the evil doctor back. To complicate matters, a new robot named Bass is also after Dr. Whily he’s not too keen on Mega Man getting in the way. There are eight robots to fight, each with their own level, an intermission stage at the Robot Musuem, and then the final four levels of Dr. Whily’s fortress. Released in March 1995 by Capcom.

Mega Man X

Released December 1993. The X series is set farther into the future, after Dr. Light’s death. X, a prototype robot, is found by Dr. Cain and used as a prototype to develop a series of thinking robots, which eventually go berserk and become known as Mavericks.

Mega Man X2

Released December 1994.

Mega Man X3

Last of the X series released on the SNES, X3 came out December 1995. This time around, Zero, a robot who helps Mega Man X fight against the Mavericks, is also playable in addition to X himself. Feature some vector graphics and transparency courtesy of the SNES’s Cx4 Chip.

Mega Man and Bass [aka Rockman and Forte]

Play as either Mega Man or Bass, each with their own different style of play. Bass can fire seven different directions, has rapid fire, and can slide across the ground for extra speed. Mega Man can only fire left or right and can only fire one shot at a time, but makes up for this by having a charged shot which is more suited to fighting against the bosses. Released April 1998. The SNES version never made it out of Japan, but a GBA version was eventually released in the US in 2003.


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