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SNES vs. Genesis: Part 1 – Super Metroid and Legend of Zelda

There’s an old adage that says to leave the best for last, but where’s the fun in that?

Super Metroid

One of the quintessential SNES games and considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time. Super Metroid is the third outing as space bounty hunter Samus. The last Metroid has been captured and the galaxy is at peace! Not. Space pirates steal it and everything goes to heck. So, obviously, Samus is the only one who can track down the metroid, stop the pirates, and, once again, save the galaxy. Although the first two games, on the NES and Gameboy respectively, were certainly no slouches, it was Super Metroid that set the standard for 2D action-platformers. It’s filled with moody atmosphere, strange aliens, and bizarre worlds. The gameplay moves between fast-paced action and quiet exploration with ease, both of which are aided by some truly great music by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano. There’s also a ton of secrets and upgrades to find, which help to liven things up even further. Does Super Metroid hold up after sixteen years? Absolutely.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Here’s another third entry in a series. Link to the Past once again puts player’s in control of Hyrule savior Link as he fights the forces of Ganon and rescues Princess Zelda. As Super Metroid set the standard for action-platformers, Link to the Past set the standard for top-down action-adventure games. The game features a wide assortment of enemies to kill, dungeons to explore, items to locate, and locations to explore. It’s a vibrant, fun, well-made game that’s still as good today as it was back then. Features a wonderful soundtrack by the great Koji Kondo. What more can really be said about this game that hasn’t been said a thousand times already? It’s an all-time classic and a game you’ve probably already played.

Can two games alone win this challenge for the SNES? Perhaps, but we haven’t even touched on the Genny’s lineup yet. Stay tuned for more!


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