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SNES vs. Genesis: Part 1 – Action Games

Here begins the ultimate showdown between the SNES and the Genesis. This part, Part 1, will focus on action games [fighting games, beat ’em ups, and 2D shooters will be analyized later]. As multiplatform titles are basically a wash for both sides, only exclusive titles will be considered.

Sega Genesis

Alisia Dragoon, James Bond 007 – The Duel, Shinobi series, X-Men, Dungeon Explorer, Contra: Hard Corps, General Chaos, Mercs, Landstalker, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Alien Soldier, ESWAT, Blades of Vengeance, Mega Turrican, Popful Mail, Target Earth, Beyond Oasis, Crusader of Centy, Guantlet IV, Gunstar Heroes, Vectorman, Chakan, Toejam and Earl, Red Zone, Rolling Thunder 2 and 3, Strider 1 and 2, Pirates! Gold, Heimdall, and Altered Beast.


Super Metroid, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, King of Demons, Alcahest, Front Mission: Gun Hazard, Pocky and Rocky, Super Star Wars, Super Castlevania IV, Demon’s Crest, Mega Man series, The Fireman, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Neugier, Gunforce, Holy Umbrella, Super Turrican, R2: Rendering Ranger, Taloon’s Great Adventure, Gunman’s Proof, Metal Warriors, EVO – The Search for Eden, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Equinox, Contra III, Magic Sword, Wild Guns, and Cybernator.

Both systems bring quality and quantity in the action genre, and I threw in some action/adventure games as well. Some classics on both sides, but how many? Over the course of the next week, or longer if I feel like it, I will pick the most promising titles from each console’s genre offering. At the end of that time period, I’ll make a decision on which console has the best games.


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