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SNES vs. Genesis: Introduction

The early 90’s saw one of the biggest battles of console gaming history, between industry veteran Nintendo and young upstart Sega. After the stunning success of the NES, Nintendo was left with a decision to make with how to follow up on that success. Their idea became the SNES, a system more powerful and more versatile than its predecessor. It launched in November 1990 in Japan, August 1991 in the States, but was preceded by Sega’s Genesis console which launched in October 1988. And this time around Mario had stiff compeitition: Sonic the Hedgehog.

What followed was a might battle and Sega made inroads on Nintendo’s hardware base, but, in the end, it wasn’t enough and Nintendo left the battlefield as the ultimate victor. That’s what the history books say, but who REALLY won? In this multi-part series, the lineups of the two consoles will be dissected and picked apart as the truth float to the top and all the hyberpole and hype is filtered away.

Hardware power? Graphics? Sound quality? Controller? Catridge size? Doesn’t matter. This series will focus on the one thing that matters more than anything else: THE GAMES.

Coming up in Part 1: Action Games


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